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Sacred Spa Winter Weekend Retreat

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start the New Year cleansed of negative emotions, energies, and thoughts carried from the previous years? In this unique Sacred Spa package, you will experience:

Clearing and Cleansing the Spirit
Release, Rebuild & Recharge

• Chakra Healing
• Angelic Shadow Transformation: Clearing Shadow Beliefs on Money and Relationships
• Past Life Regression: Clearing Negative Past life Influences
• Silence, Meditation, & Breathwork
• Angelic Healing & Clearing the Spirit: Vows and Instruments of Intention Release - Negative Influence Removal - Psychic Attack Removal
• Cellular Memory Energetic Healing: removal and resolution of destructive influences
• Energetic Pathwork: opening the heart to self and the universe

SpiritSelf Nurturing / Realigning & Restoring to Wholeness (Recharging Energy)
• Soul / Destiny Retrieval
• Sacred Body Toning with Aleya Dao: Healing Tones & Sacred Chants to ignite the flame of your Soul Heart awakening
• ecstatic dance
• Sacred play integrating soul lessons through art and writing

• Reconnecting Spiritself to soul Grounding
• Chakra Restoration and Connecting to Source •
Integating your destiny & Illuminating the mind
• Setting Intention for the Year Developing the Path to Selfless Love
• Stepping Away from the Consensus Reality Into Your Own

$250 early registration discount by 2/1/10, Regular price $295 Includes two nights lodging (double occupancy), and meals, Friday dinner thru Sunday Lunch Joshua Tree Retreat Center (760) 365-8371
Information and Registration

About the Presenters

Renee Baribeau - http://www.Deserthealingarts.com
Victoria Jennings - http://www.godasmother.org/
Lisa Lockhart - http://www.lisalockhart.com/


The Winter 2010 Sacred Spa Weekend
Agenda February 19 – 21st, 2010

Clearing, Cleansing, Self-Nurturing
for the New Year

Friday Opening Ceremony – Noble Hall
OVERVIEW: Setting the foundation / intention for the weekend

5:00 pm Welcome and check-in at the Water Terrace
Optional Spa Menu: Relaxation, massage, spiritual readings,
6:00 pm Dinner at the Water Terrace
7:15 pm Orientation at Noble Hall
7:30 pm Creating a Sacred Space: Vortex / Creating a web of life and light, Invocation to call in Divine Guidance, Calling in the directions
to seal the space
7:45 pm Clearing and cleansing candle ceremony with written burning and
oral declarations for that which is to be released
8:15 pm Break
8:30 pm Chakra healing meditation
Closing Inducing lucid dreaming and dream journaling

Saturday Workshop – Noble Hall
OVERVIEW: Cleansing, Clearing and Nurturing the Spirit

7:00 am Dream Circle and meditation
8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Creating a New Reality: Exercise to re-program the mind
9:30 am Energetic pathwork: opening the heart to self and the universe
9:45 am Heart awakening ecstatic dance
10:15 am Break
10:30 am Past Life Regression with reflection and discussion
12:00 noon Lunch at Water Terrace - SILENT
1:00 pm Sacred Play – drawing the light from within, integrating past life
Soul lessons through art and writing
3:00 pm Optional Spa Menu: Relaxation, massage, meditation, spiritual
readings, afternoon tea
4:00 pm Angelic Healing & Shadow Transformation – Clearing the Spirit
Vows and instruments of intention release
Negative and parasitic influence removal
Psychic attack removal
Cellular memory resolution and removal
Angelic Shadow Transformation – Clearing shadow beliefs from
past life experiences

6:00 pm Dinner at the Water Terrace
7:00 pm Hand washing and tea ceremony with tea reading for manifestation

Evening – The Sanctuary
OVERVIEW: Integration and Nurturing the Spirit

8:00 pm Meditation Toning Concert: Healing tones and sacred chants with
Aleya Dao

Sunday Workshop – Noble Hall
OVERVIEW: Retrieve, Rebuild, Realign

7:00 am Meditation / Breathwork
7:15 am Creating a New Reality: Exercise to re-program the mind
8:00 am Breakfast at the Water Terrace
9:00 am Soul / Destiny Retrieval (RB)
10:00 am Integrating your destiny and illuminating
10:30 am Break
10:45 am Chakra Healing, Clearing and Cleanse - Ground, chakra restoration
and connect to Divine Source
11:45 am Lunch at the Water Terrace
12:45 pm Stepping Away from Consensus Reality into Your Own
Developing the Path to Selfless Love: Reconnecting Spirit Self to Soul
1:45 pm Closing

Bring List
• Comfy clothes
• Robe
• Slippers / socks
• Extra pillow and blanket
• Dream Journal – available at the JTRC Bookstore

Sacred Spa Menu

Patti Cooks It Up!

Mobile Kitchen and Catering Service



February 19th Dinner $23.00 pp 

Butternut squash lasagna with béchamel sauce  

Italian Salad, varied greens, red onion, freshly baked croutons / Garlic Bread / carrot cake slices 

February 20 th breakfast, lunch and dinner $35.00 pp  

Oat meal: on the side as follows, nuts, bananas, cranberries / eggs with spinach and potatoes, toast, jelly and peanut butter/ silk and regular milk / juice 

Lunch: grilled roasted eggplant, provolone cheese and pesto panini sandwiches / minestrone soup 

Dinner: stuffed squash with brown rice, red lentils, veggies, topped w-tomatoes and lemon / Skinless baked chicken breast / couscous salad / basmati rice / Greek style salad w-salad greens, cucumber, mint, tomato and feta / Lemon Bars

February 21st breakfast, lunch $24.00 pp 

Breakfast: multigrain pancakes, maple syrup / eggs with avocado and veggies / salsa / pear tart / juice / toast 

Lunch: tostada bar with beans, ground chicken with spices, avocado, rice, lettuce, sprouts, and cheese, salsa  

Tortilla soup  

*Meals are served with teas, hibiscus flower, coffee and water*


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Reader Comments (3)

I am so excited reading about the upcoming weekend once again! It feels like the beginning of a new me in a new year! I have felt this year was going to be good AND special so getting started with you is like breathing fresh air once more.

Love and Light, Frances

February 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFrances Pullin

Soul Retrieval is very easy for the client. They lie relaxed and comfortable and I journey to the Lower World, using the sound of my rattle to help change my level of consciousness so I can journey and search for the missing soul part. Very often I am given a gift to bring back to the client along with a power animal, an ally, which assists and supports the client on their own journey through life.

June 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSoul Retrieval

For the help please use http://www.google.com

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHORPAPPOIFT

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