Winter Schedule – Joshua Tree Retreat Center

Yoga • Breathwork • Qi Gong • Meditation • Satsang

Crystal Chakra Meditations

Mondays 5:30pm - suggested donation $5-20 (Starts on November 18, 2019)
Ignite your inner light, clear and open your chakras and connect deeper to yourself with the Crystal Chakra meditation. A guided meditation with crystals adding their deeply loving energy for you to go deep within, to find balance and peace within your unique alignment. Experience a profound clear connection to your own divinity and the universal spirit of unconditional love.

The 8 Key Breaths with Hanna Neumann

Tuesdays 5:30–6:30pm & Thursdays 10–11am - suggested donation $8
We are excited to offer 2 weekly classes that represent the foundation of Mentalphysics. The 8 Key Breaths are based on PRANA the breath of life – a substance that is more than air or oxygen, it is the “life force or vital principle” present in all physical reality.

Yin Yoga with Neysa Griffith

Tuesdays 1:30–3pm - $12 / 6 classes for $60
Inspired by the Tao concept of ‘non-doing’, Yin Within is a lunar practice of cooling floor work filled with soft and slow supported stretching. Emphasizing stillness, postures are held for a longer duration bringing forth mind-body-soul synthesis benefiting bones, joints, ligaments & connective tissue. Rehabilitative on every level, no prior yoga experience is required.

Guided Meditation & Satsang with Frank Capwell

Every Other Wednesday 6pm - suggested donation $5
Join Frank Capwell every other Wednesday for a guided mediation and satsang experience. All are welcome, if you are new to meditation this is your chance to start a practice you can use to center yourself and change your energy.

Yoga-Cao with Neysa Griffith

Saturdays 9:30–11am - $12 / 6 classes for $60
Raw desert Hatha yoga meets raw chocolate! Set yourself free from the confines of the mind and experience an expansion of joy and peace with a unique morning asana and consciousness practice designed to open the heart & energize the body.