Winter Schedule – Joshua Tree Retreat Center

Yoga • Breathwork • Qi Gong • Meditation • Satsang

Meta-Mondays with Europa Gitte

Mondays 6pm - suggested donation $5-20
Each Monday we gather to explore our innate connection to the Divine. Learn how to meditate with crystals and other earth treasures to open and activate your chakras. Chakras are energy centers that influence our daily life on emotional, physical, and soul levels. Each Meta-Monday will begin with a discussion on a spiritual concept or tool to take you deeper into your own practice. The evening will end with an immersive meditation powered by crystals and gemstones.

  • 3/9 Full Moon Ceremony
  • 3/16 Your Chakras: why are they important to your mental, emotional and physical health.
  • 3/23 Subtle Energies: an introduction to energy bodies within and surrounding your body. Why it is important to pay attention to them and how to tune in.
  • 3/30 Your Spiritual Guidance Team: angels, ancestors, and spirit guides – explore how they communicate with you.
  • 4/6 Earth Power: Crystals and their gifts to help us be balanced in body mind and spirit
  • 4/13 Crystals and Chakras: how do they connect, how crystals help open and align your energy centers
  • 4/20 Personal Spiritual Gifts: We all have them. How to embrace them and use them for your own good and that of the world.
  • 4/27 Emotions: how to overcome triggers, fears and live a life of joy and balance with crystals and your chakra energy centers.
  • 5/4 Crystal Grids: What are they? How to build them? What do they do?
  • 5/11 Crystal Practices: How to make crystal infusions, enhance water, clean negative energy, help find abundance and love.
  • 5/18 Flowing with Grace and Ease into a new life: How to use crystals, energy and intent to build a future of joy and abundance.

The 8 Key Breaths with Hanna Neumann

Tuesdays 5:30–6:30pm & Thursdays 10–11am - suggested donation $8
We are excited to offer 2 weekly classes that represent the foundation of Mentalphysics. The 8 Key Breaths are based on PRANA the breath of life – a substance that is more than air or oxygen, it is the “life force or vital principle” present in all physical reality.

Yin Yoga with Neysa Griffith

Tuesdays 1:30–3pm - $12 / 6 classes for $60
Inspired by the Tao concept of ‘non-doing’, Yin Within is a lunar practice of cooling floor work filled with soft and slow supported stretching. Emphasizing stillness, postures are held for a longer duration bringing forth mind-body-soul synthesis benefiting bones, joints, ligaments & connective tissue. Rehabilitative on every level, no prior yoga experience is required.

Guided Meditation & Satsang with Frank Capwell

Every Other Wednesday 6pm - suggested donation $5
Join Frank Capwell every other Wednesday for a guided mediation and satsang experience. All are welcome, if you are new to meditation this is your chance to start a practice you can use to center yourself and change your energy.

Yoga-Cao with Neysa Griffith

Saturdays 9:30–11am - $12 / 6 classes for $60
Raw desert Hatha yoga meets raw chocolate! Set yourself free from the confines of the mind and experience an expansion of joy and peace with a unique morning asana and consciousness practice designed to open the heart & energize the body.