Wednesday - 9am to 2pm
Thursday & Friday - 9am to 4pm
Saturday & Sunday - 7:30am to 2:30pm

We took a leap of faith and opened our retreat food service to the public in 2021. Our cafeteria is a prime example of Organic Architecture and was designed and completed by Lloyd Wright in 1955. It remains the most intact coffee shop style building in Southern California. It is also beautiful inside and out and the views of the desert are amazing at all times of the day. We feel lucky to have this space and are happy to now share it with the public.

 We have gone through a few incarnations on our way to creating a dining establishment.  What has evolved is a campus cafeteria hangout. We have breakfast clubs, a chess club, art groups that meet in the café, and we have hosted a few mixers at the café. In the evening there is a recovery group that meets once a week, and we offer an occasional cooking class and community dinner.

Beyond our goal to offer healthy vegetarian fare, we want to provide a welcoming space to create community. Lots of great ideas and conversations are had over a meal or an afternoon cup of coffee.

We have Pacific Lightwave WiFi too.

Check the calendar for our weekly menu.

Elemental Treasures, The Artful Bookstore

Curated and managed by Susie Eaton Thorp.

Stop in to find a vast collection of art for sale, along with vintage clothing, incense, spiritual books, gems and minerals, and other local crafts reflecting the unique Joshua Tree arts culture.


The Joshua Tree Retreat Center’s public Art garden, located across from the main office and gift shop.

JTRC’s outdoor Arts Garden was inaugurated on December 4th, 2021 and recognized as a significant cultural addition to the region by the San Bernardino County Arts Council. The Arts Garden has received a grant and special recognition from Supervisor Dawn Rowe, County of San Bernardino.

Explore our rotating collection of public art and installations curated by Rolo Castillo.

The Arts Garden includes work by artists Cybele Rowe, Kim Stringfellow, Lilli Muller, Mark Bulwinkle, Keith Greco, Colette Miller, Juan Thorp, Shig, Richard Owens Robinson, Mr. Brainwash, and Harlan Emil Gruber.



One of the most unique aspects of Joshua Tree Retreat Center are its documented vortices. A vortex is a heightened, whirling energy flow that is naturally occuring. The existence of these vortices are why the site was selected in the 1940’s by famed spiritualist and breathwork expert Ding Le Mei for his center of learning which he named the Institute of Mentalphysics. Your visit is not complete without experiencing vortex energy.


Walking the labyrinth is said to balance activity between right and left brain waves. It is also a form of walking meditation.

The classic Seven Circuit Labyrinth design can be found on every continent pre-dating recorded history. Our Labyrinth was constructed in early 2000 and the chosen site is an energy vortex.