Catherine Svehla

Saturday Seminar and Evening Myth:

“Threads, Through Lines, & the Healing Power of Myth”

In times past, people turned to their myths and shared stories for guidance and healing. They found wisdom in the words passed down from the ancestors, information about the world and human experience, and potent medicine for individual and community illnesses.

Myths and stories arise in response to life’s deepest questions, and they can still mend broken hearts, rekindle lost hope, and push us toward necessary truths. How do we find healing, community, and alternatives for the future in the mythic realm today?

“Evening Story Circle: The Persian Tale of Abu Kasim”

When was the last time that someone told you a story? Bring a mat or chair down to the fire pit and join the circle. Laugh, relax, stretch your mind, open your heart, and find your place in the tale. Storytelling and conversation will be led by Catherine Svehla, local mythologist and storyteller extraordinaire.