Kim Hermanson

Stepping thru the Doorway: Shifting into Wholeness

Experiential Lecture

We humans have a deep need to live in harmony with the natural world and this has never been more true than in our current turbulent and divisive political climate. Lying beyond your conscious thoughts there may be a gut sense that you’re “out of balance” or ”pushing too hard.” On the other hand, you may have a gnawing discomfort that you have gifts and skills that would bring healing to our planet, but you’re confused about how to begin or move forward.

Metaphor is an ancient, intuitive, embodied way of knowing that allows you to tap powerful Source energy lying beyond your linear mind.  There are two ways we work with metaphor. The first way is receiving the metaphoric image, which alone is transformative, coming from our heart’s deep wisdom. But metaphor is also a portal to potent, life-changing shamanic energies that will shift your vibration, alter how you perceive the world and align you with deep soul wisdom.

In this experiential presentation you will…

• Discover the core metaphoric image and energies that want to be expressed
• Identify and shift unhelpful patterns
• See inner resources & possibilities that wouldn’t be revealed any other way

Our busy, chaotic world can bring confusion, fear and overwhelm. There’s absolutely nothing more important than taking time out to connect with Something…greater than ourselves.

Please bring a journal and pen with you.

Most of us don’t need more words or analysis, what we need is to feel truth in our bodies. Please join us for inspiration, guidance, and nourishment as we collectively reconnect with the magic and power of deep shamanic energies.

This is a two-hour stand-alone workshop. It’s also a great introduction for Sunday’s intensive.