A Vortex is a place on the planet of increased energy.

The energy of a Vortex acts as an amplifier. An amplifier takes a signal or frequency and makes it stronger. When standing in a vortex, the energy will magnify what we bring to it on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. The energy may ...augment your thoughts and intuition, allowing you to gain an unexpected insight. It may heighten your feelings of joy and happiness, or even have physical effect, such as causing a nagging pain to dissipate. The energy may also have a profound spiritual effect, leading a person to gain a greater understanding of who they are, or where they are going in life, many times helping to induce an internal ecstatic experience.

The Joshua Tree Retreat Center has 18 known Vortices on the land. Whether you are asking for divine guidance, inspiration, or creativity in your chosen field, the vortices will help you find clarity in your needs. We invite you and your friends to enjoy these natural energies from our Earth.